Paediatric Immunology

Paediatric Immunology has a prominent role in Immunology, which plays a critical role in Medicine. Core of the Paediatric Immunology is the Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases (PIDs), which have a great biological impact and predispose the immunodeficient persons to infections, allergy, autoimmunity and cancer. PIDs have led to remarkable progress in understanding the components and functions of the complex immune system in humans and provide new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Earlier recognition and better therapeutic management for patients with primary immunodeficiency disorder, as well as for the larger number of persons with immunocompomised conditions, contribute to improve care of affected individuals, quality of life of their families and the society.

The Immunology-Histocompatibility Department of “Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital, Athens has been established in 1985 within the National Health System. It provides both clinical and laboratory service in children with immunological diseases. The Department is functioning as Centre for Primary Immunodeficiencies, cooperating closely with European & International Centres. It is the only Pediatric Immunology Department within Greece and possesses an Accreditation for most of its services.

We believe that, via this site, we could disseminate information and education into the early and accurate diagnosis, proper treatment of primary immunodeficiencies and to promote public awareness of the Primary Immunodeficiency diseases.

Maria G. Kanariou
Head of the Department

Registry of Patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies in Greece

The Department of Immunology-Histocompatibility of “Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital, being the only Paediatric Immunology Department in Greece, as a Specialized Center & Referral Center of Primary Immunodeficiencies – Paediatric Immunology, began communicating with doctors and scientists around Greece regarding data collection from patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies in our country 3 years ago. Additionally, the aim is to aware not only doctors, but also people who work in the Health Section (

The first awareness attempt was done in 28 April 2007 with the Symposium “55 years of Primary Immunodeficiencies: Experience, Developments, Perspectives at Diagnosis and Management of the Disease”. A press release was made on April 2009, in celebration of the Day of Immunology, while lately, on 29-30 April 2010, the 2nd Symposium for Primary Immunodeficiencies and Paediatric Immunology, was held in Athens.

Data collection through patients’ registry will assist in early diagnosis and therapeutic intervention on time, with great efficacy on patients’ and their families’ quality of life, as well as on the community.

This clinical research has the endorsement of the 1st Health Region of Attica Prefecture and the 1st Department of Paediatrics, School of Medicine, University of Athens.

We are welcoming you to support our effort!

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20 April 2019: Scientific Meeting on Primary Immunodeficiencies Paediatric Immunology

Scientific Meeting
on Primary Immunodeficiencies
Paediatric Immunology

20 April 2019
'Kostis Palamas' UoA
Athens, Greece

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